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I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that my daughter had the time of her life this past weekend.  Thank you for allowing her to participate in such a great pageant.  She told me stories of how other girls would help each other.  Just before she walked on the stage Sat night for the opening number, her earring broke.  She had her hair to one side of her face. There were two Miss Contestants with her. They calmed her down and told her to take the earring out of the ear that was covered with her hair and put it in the other ear.  I have watched her grow over the past few months while preparing for the pageant.  It was hard to believe that a girl who just turned 15 in October was able to do all that she did this past weekend.  Ashley has been in many pageants and she told me that this was the first one that she was not nervous about.  I made sure not to put in pressure on her about winning.  Our motto for this one was “do not fall down and do not let anything fall out.” Lol.  Again, thank you for allowing her to participate.

Denise Hanks

I just wanted to take a minute this morning and thank you for putting on such a wonderful event this weekend.  Ashley had the time of her life!  She made so many new friends and the experience was incredible.  I truly have never seen her smile so much!  Please pass along my sincere thank you to Paula – as well as the rest of the RPM family.  My entire family had such a wonderful time – including our close family friends that flew in from Vancouver, Canada to enjoy the show on Saturday.  Thank you again!

Terry Pendergist

Every time I talk to someone from RPM it’s like my energy to compete is completely renewed. This is something that I want for myself and I push myself for every day, so it really helps to find support in all of you as well. I really like the Take a Chance on Me fundraising idea. I got some new Jonathan Carter pictures a few weeks ago that I know will be great to use in it. I am so excited about this opportunity. Thanks so much for running such an esteemed production every year and keeping it traditional.

Kelsey Barberio

The Miss North Carolina Teen USA pageant was an experience I will never forget. I found life long friendships, and memories that will stay with me forever. I also found that you learn so much about yourself by stepping out on a BIG stage and getting to share with others who you truly are and what you can be!

Shelley Chapman

The pageant was fun and exciting. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I entered to gain self-confidence, and that is just what I did. I encourage all young girls to participate.

Annie Conlon

Hello Ms. Miles, my oldest daughter, Ariel Rymer, was a Miss NC Teen USA contestant in 2008 and is about to graduate college with TWO degrees, a BFA in Theater and a BS in Communication. She is an Actor/Radio personality and I just updated her website and wanted to share it with you!! Here is her website… www.ArielRymer.com. Thank you for the opportunity you gave my daughter to reach for her dreams. I truly feel that being a part of the experience helped her on her way and showed her that the sky is the limit!!

Teresa Hall Hurst

My pageant experience has now set me on a focused path!! The insight and knowledge that I have gained with my involvement in a pageant of this caliber has left me with an even greater desire to reach for the crown!

Courtney Hollifield

RPM Productions reflects class and poise. As a first time competitor, I felt welcomed. I made lifetime friends and learned so much, not only about pageantry, but about myself.

Emily Wetzel

The Miss SC USA pageant was an experience that I will never forget. Every contestant was truly amazing and I created friendships that I will hold forever in my heart. Stan Smith once said, ‘Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.’ Whether I won the title of Miss SC USA or didn’t even make the Top 15, I did enhance my experience and confidence, which will benefit me not only in pageants, but in everyday life as well. To be able to tell my children and grandchildren one day that I was a competitor in such a highly regarded contest is something in which I’m very proud. Thank you for the constant willingness to lend a helping hand throughout the weekend. The chaperones were more than helpful and the productions staff couldn’t be beat.

Megan Stoffel

I would recommend this pageant for anyone! It is truly a weekend that you will remember forever! I wish that everyone could do it! It totally builds self-esteem!

Kyla Winey

Being in my first pageant has been a fun and exciting adventure. Getting ready was the most fun and was just half of the fun. I really enjoyed it and I will experience it again.

Anneliese Franklin