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Miss Alabama USA

Hannah McMurphy

Age 20 | Tuscaloosa | Photos

Hannah McMurphy is 20 years old and resides in the legendary city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At a young age, Hannah fell in love with the Crimson Tide and later decided that she would attend the University of Alabama. She is now a junior, majoring in Apparel and Textiles with a double minor in Business and Art History. Hannah works part-time for the Sarah Moody Art Gallery, travels the southeast as a free-lance makeup artist and models for Madison + Mallory by the YouTube famous duo, eleventhgorgeous.

In 2016, Hannah held the title of Miss Alabama Collegiate and placed third runner-up at Miss High School America. She attended Atlanta Apparel Mart as a Jovani IT Girl finalist, and recently flew to New York to model for Primavera Couture’s spring line.   

Through the indubitably hard times of maturing as a young woman, Hannah learned to overcome the pressures of verbal abuse. This brought about her ever-strengthening passion for raising awareness in regards to verbal and emotional abuse. She utilizes her artistic skills and love for people to encourage individuals of all ages to unapologetically be their truest self.  Hannah sees that differences need to be celebrated rather than criticized.

Taking on this year as Miss Alabama USA 2019, Hannah’s mission is to share her story of using hurtful situations as lessons that will emphasize someone else’s words should never define who they are as an individual. With this in mind, she plans to be the light in young women who deal with any type of abuse so they learn to truly love themselves.  This will allow her to disprove the stereotype of one’s past being a negative impact on their future.

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