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Miss Alabama USA

Hannah Brown

Age 23 | Northport | Photos

My name is Hannah Brown and I am Miss Alabama USA 2018. I am a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Alabama, with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a minor in public relations. After graduation, I combined my communication skills learned in college with my passion for creating and interior décor. I am now working as an interior designer in Tuscaloosa, where I get to make my client’s vision of their dream home a reality!

As Miss Alabama USA, I want to use this year to serve and meet as many people as possible. I believe I have been gifted this opportunity to be able to make a difference, inspire, or even just bring a smile to all those I meet. I plan to speak and engage with young students on the importance of reading and literacy; reading has always been something I have loved, and I believe it is important to foster a love for reading early in a child’s education.

My goal as Miss Alabama USA is to open the conversation about anxiety, and depression many young women struggle. we all have a different story, and we have all felt the pressure of the world weighing too heavy on our shoulders at times. I think it’s necessary that as a person in a leadership role, I share my story of the journey of finding my identity and embracing my authenticity. I now know what it means to be confidently beautiful, and I plan to share this message with other girls who may be going through something similar that I did.

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