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Miss Alabama Teen USA

Kennedy Cromeens

Age 16 | Birmingham | Photos

My name is Kennedy Cromeens, but my friends and family call me Kenn! I was born on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) in Birmingham, Alabama. Last summer I decided I wanted to get into modeling. I contacted Frank Carnaggio, and after a few minutes of working with him he let me know that pageants were in my future. He told me about the Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant, and said I should do it! To be honest I laughed at him, because I am SO not a pageant girl. He told me how great it was and after our shoot I decided I would try this whole pageant thing. In 2017, I participated in the Miss Alabama Teen USA for the first time! I had an absolute blast meeting girls from all over our state, and even some from my own city! Crazy enough, we have all kept in touch and these girls have become my best friends! I was completely shocked when I was in the top 5. I was 2nd Runner-up to the fabulous Claire Scott.
I called RPM the next week to sign up for the next year! In preparing for the pageant, I made sure to be my healthiest self by eating right and exercising. My goal going into the pageant this year was to be an example and a light to everyone around me. I was determined this year to make even more friends, and help those who were doing their first pageant like the girls had done for me the year before. Being your Miss Alabama Teen USA 2018 is the biggest honor! I promise to represent our state with grace. I truly thank Him for this opportunity! He truly is amazing, and I know He will watch over me, Hannah, and all of my new RPM sisters! I am excited to be able to share with everyone my passion about bullying. Bullying is very personal to me and I want to tell young girls that YOU can overcome it, and it does NOT define you. Experiences in life help you grow in and I can’t wait to grow with all of you this year!


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